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  • 2000

    YouGov is established as the pioneer of internet-based market research.

    The company is co-founded by Stephan Shakespeare and Nadhim Zahawi, who first met while working in British politics.

    The official company registration name is YouGov Dot Com Limited.

    Shakespeare is named Chief Innovations Officer while Zahawi is Chief Executive Officer.

  • 2001

    YouGov predicts the 10-point Labour Party victory in the 2001 UK general election to one percentage point, disproving the sceptics who are yet to trust that online research can be just, if not more, accurate than traditional research.

  • 2002

    The company name is re-registered as YouGov Limited and the first office opens in Farringdon, London.

    YouGov correctly predicts the winner of UK Pop Idol and subsequently gains its first major media partner client with the Daily Telegraph.

  • 2003

    To complement its custom research offering, YouGov launches the fast turn-around service, YouGov Omnibus.

    YouGov becomes a founding member of the British Polling Council.

  • 2005

    YouGov announces it proprietary panel has grown to 100,000 people in the UK

    In the 2005 UK General Election, YouGov adds to its record of accuracy, being the only polling company to consistently, and correctly, show Labour narrowly ahead of the Conservatives throughout the campaign.

    YouGov floats on the AIM market of the London Stock Exchange and becomes YouGov plc.

    Our core data product YouGov BrandIndex is launched – providing daily tracking of over 1,000 consumer brands across seven different measures of brand perception.

    British PM, Tony Blair, publically references YouGov data to demonstrate his position in the public opinion polls.

    Sundip Chahal joins YouGov as a Sales Director.

  • 2006

    YouGov acquires Middle-East based research firm Siraj and opens an office in Dubai.

  • 2007

    YouGov acquires US-based research firm Polimetrix in California; Scandinavian-based research firm Zapera; and German-based research firm Psychonomics.

    This global expansion opens up several new offices throughout the US and Europe.

    YouGov’s panel grows to 1.5 million people worldwide.

    Alex McIntosh joins YouGov as a Corporate Finance Manager.

    Roger Parry is appointed as Non-Executive Chair.

  • 2008

    YouGov establishes an office in New York City.

    YouGov accurately predicts the London Mayoral 2008 election within one percentage point.

  • 2009

    YouGov acquires the Princeton, New Jersey-based research firm Clear Horizons, boosting its East Coast presence.

    YouGov is the most quoted market research source in UK media.

    The YouGov global panel surpasses 2 million people.

  • 2010

    Zahawi retires from YouGov - to pursue his current role as a Member of Parliament for Stratford-on-Avon - and Shakespeare assumes the role of Chief Executive Officer.

    YouGov acquires US-based Harrison Group in Connecticut, expanding its east coast footprint.

  • 2011

    YouGov opens its first organic office in Europe, in Paris, France.

    YouGov acquires market research firm Definitive Insights which expands the US West Coast footprint with its office in Portland, Oregon.

  • 2012

    YouGov establishes a Technology and Web Development Hub in Warsaw, Poland.

    The YouGov global panel reaches over 3 million people across 30 countries.

  • 2013

    Chief Executive Officer Stephan Shakespeare publishes an independent review - supported by the Government Department for Business, Innovation & Skills - exploring ways to utilise information held within the public sector; known as the ‘Shakespeare Review’.

    YouGov acquires Opigram, a platform that facilitates the proactive sharing of opinions by the YouGov panel.

  • 2014

    The YouGov acquisition of Decision Fuel- with offices in Hong Kong, Singapore and Shanghai - establishes a full APAC presence. Expansion into Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia follows.

    YouGov announces its first long-term strategic plan (for the five year period 2014-2019) focussed on growing the company’s syndicated data capabilities, and re-brands itself as a data and analytics company.

    Our audience planning and segmentation tool, YouGov Profiles, is launched and goes viral, receiving over a million searches in its first week and was a trending topic on Twitter.

    Development starts on Crunch, the cloud-based data analytics platform, and the YouGovCube, our highly structured and codified profile data library.

  • 2015

    YouGov establishes its first Data Processing Service Centre, located in Bucharest, Romania.

  • 2016

    The acquisition of Galaxy Research, the Sydney-based market research company providing opinion polling for state and federal politics, boosts the YouGov footprint in Australia.

    Pew Research Centre publishes a report stating that YouGov consistently out performs competitors on accuracy.

    The YouGov global panel expands to 5 million people across 38 countries.

  • 2017

    YouGov opens a second Data Processing Service Centre, located in Mumbai, India.

    YouGov accurately predicts the ‘hung’ parliament outcome of the 2017 UK general election. The prediction was made possible by YouGov’s pioneering use of MRP methodology (Multi-level Regression with Post-stratification).

    YouGov boosts its data protection and security capabilities in the lead up to the EU GDPR coming into force.

    Alex McIntosh is promoted to the role of Chief Financial Officer and both he and Sundip Chahal (now the company’s Chief Operating Officer) join the YouGov plc Board, sitting alongside Stephan Shakespeare and the Non-Executive Directors.

    The YouGov footprint reaches 30 offices across 20 countries, and group turnover exceeds £100m for the first time.

  • 2018

    YouGov expands its European footprint by establishing offices in Italy and Spain. The German footprint is further expanded with an office opened in Frankfurt.

    YouGov fully acquires the sports media research data business, SMG Insight and re-brands it as YouGov Sport.

    YouGov fully acquires Portent.io and re-brands it's data product for the entertainment industry as YouGov Signal.

  • 2019

    The YouGov global panel grows to 7 million members worldwide.

    YouGov announces new Global Affiliates Partnerships Programme, with partnerships in Russia, Poland, Pakistan and Egypt.

    YouGov receives the International Organisation for Standardisation certification for information security (ISO 27001).

    YouGov launches advertising blockchain technology tool YouGov Direct.

    YouGov announces the start of its next five-year strategic growth plan, with ambitious targets to scale the business and double group revenue and operating profit margin by 2023.